Weird Warzone invincibility glitch is gifting players easy wins

Andrew Highton
car jumping over explosion in cod warzone

Just as it looked like a Warzone player was about to be consumed by the jaws of defeat, an invincibility glitch kicked in to give the player the most unlikely of victories.

It seems that it will always be difficult to get away from glitches in Call of Duty as there are simply too many variables to control at once. As we’ve seen recently, camos are somehow being stolen from weapons, and worse still, the Demon Glitch is back.

Some glitches are more problematic than others, that’s how it’s always been, but invincibility glitches are probably the most harmful of the lot. Once one occurs, it renders any other players’ efforts throughout the match pointless as they simply cannot win.

Worryingly, a new invisibility glitch has been discovered in Warzone and it led to an easy one for one surprised player.

wide shot of caldera and its poi in warzone
You’d be devastated if you came up against this glitch in Warzone.

CoD Warzone invisibility glitch guarantees wins

If a player literally can’t be killed, then it’s game over, and that ruins all the hard work and grafting put in during the course of a 20-minute game.

Reddit user babyjakey experienced this firsthand when they were down to the final three of a game of Rebirth and got downed. They did have a self-revive but it wasn’t required as they were allowed to infinitely endure the gas.

Furthermore, the OP even confirmed that they couldn’t revive anyway: “Haha it wouldn’t let me do anything.”

It’s interesting to note that the player was able to use a spray, and in doing so, the map went from a gas-filled red, to completely normal, meaning the game wasn’t recognizing the poisonous smog.

Some of the other commenters theorized that it could be a return of the explosion glitch: “Did you have a riot shield? The explosion glitch works even when you’re downed.” The OP replied claiming he couldn’t be sure.

It seems to have happened to others before though, with macefire saying “This happened in my squad and we got the win in Rebirth. Too funny.” A similar thing happened to another Warzone player with them saying: “This happened to me once! The only difference is I wasn’t able to move. But just like you I technically got the win.”

Another user added that “This is a known issue since February.” If this is indeed the case, then this glitch could potentially happen in more games of Warzone until Raven gets around to fixing it.