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Bizarre Warzone glitch is stealing camos from DLC weapons

Published: 6/May/2022 15:13

by Nathan Warby


Warzone is no stranger when it comes to glitches, and camos have been a constant source of problems for players. Now, in one of the more bizarre bugs we’ve seen, camos on DLC on weapons are gradually disappearing for no reason.

Despite the relatively positive reception to Warzone Season 3, the CoD battle royale is still falling victim to frustrating, and sometimes weird, bugs and glitches that are hindering players’ experience. We even reported recently on a game-breaking issue that was seeing users spawn outside the combat area after winning in the Gulag.

Camos, in particular, have been a constant headache for the devs, after glitches that remove cosmetics from the Armaguerra 43 and Modern Warfare guns have been uncovered in recent months.


Warzone players are reporting another camo issue in Season 3. This time, one that appears to be stealing their hard-earned cosmetics for the new weapons in the arsenal.

Warzone Season 2 Reloaded new weapon
The glitch only seems to affect weapons that have been added since Vanguard’s launch.

The problem was reported by Reddit user VolturnusPrime, who claimed their camos for the new weapons in each season were disappearing gradually. “Every day I lose camos on the DLC guns,” they posted. “Can anyone on Earth explain this anomaly?”

Their Reddit post came with screenshots, showing that the Mastery camos for most of the newly-added guns have been locked, despite them insisting that they had unlocked them in Vanguard multiplayer.

Pictures show that five weapons, including the Welgun, Armaguerra 43, and Whitley LMG had had their camos removed. Each of these has come as part of the Battle Pass in a season after Vanguard’s launch.


In the comments, VolturnusPrime added that the vanishing began following the Season 2 Reloaded update, and new camos seem to be removed “every other day.” Others responded claiming they were experiencing a similar issue.

Thankfully, this glitch only seems to take effect in Warzone. In the Vanguard menus, players still have access to any Gold, Diamond, or Atomic camos they have unlocked.

Some players theorized that the glitch is actually the developer’s response to unlock tooling, but the poster insisted they had earned them “legitimately.”

Although Warzone is still playable without the camos, it’s no doubt frustrating to not be able to customize your weapons with the cosmetics you worked for. Raven are yet to address this issue, but hopefully, a fix will come in a later update.


Players will hope that the long-awaited transition to Warzone 2 will help the devs prevent as many glitches slipping through the net going forward.