Warzone 2 invisibility glitch makes enemies disappear but still able to shoot

warzone 2 invisibility glitchActivision Blizzard

An invisibility glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 allows enemies to keep shooting after presumably being killed.

It’s safe to say Warzone 2 is littered with glitches, both big and small, though players can reasonably sidestep some of the minor issues.

Larger, game-breaking bugs continue to wreak havoc, however. As such, some users have found themselves shadowbanned under suspicious circumstances. God Mode glitches that turn players invincible have also ruined many games.

And now a new invisibility bug has reared its head in-game, seemingly spawned whenever one player strikes their enemy with a car.

A new invisibility glitch in Warzone 2 takes players by surprise

On more than one occasion, content creator Geeky Pastimes encountered a specific “invisible player glitch.”

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The YouTuber shared gameplay footage of one instance wherein they hit an enemy with their vehicle, who then appears dead on-screen, though the game fails to confirm the kill.

Seconds later, the enemy reappears and takes out Geeky Pastimes in an instant. The problem is, the YouTuber never saw their foe coming.

“He was invisible on my screen,” the streamer said just as the killcam showed another perspective of the presumably dead opponent sprinting through the front door.

A few other Warzone 2 players chimed in to say they’ve recently experienced a similar error. Content creator Mimosa noted, “this happened to me yesterday, and my teammates didn’t believe me.”

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Another Twitter user pointed out how the killcam depicted Geeky Pastimes’ car further downhill instead of parked against the house.

This Warzone 2 invisibility glitch seems to have many layers. All players can do is hope that a fix will go live sometime in the near future.