Warzone 2 player baffled as opponent has full plates after self-revive

Shay Robson
Warzone 2 operator holding armor plate

A Warzone 2 player was left puzzled after a downed opponent self-revived and still had all their armor plates, something that ultimately got the player killed.

Warzone 2 players are no strangers to facing some bizarre moments. Whether it be bugs and glitches, occasionally even being completely game-breaking, or cheaters running rampant, sometimes there’s no telling what you’re going to experience in Al-Mazrah.

In a May 20 Reddit thread, Warzone player ‘kingbkny’ shared a short video, which left much of the community totally stumped.

“I’m confused, how does this player who just self-revived get up with full plates?” the player wrote, alongside posting a 15-second long video of a kill cam, where the opponent who was clearly downed self-revived, yet still had full shields.

Warzone 2 players stumped by downed player with full plates

It’s fair to say many were completely puzzled. Some theorized that the kill cam was glitched — explaining why it didn’t show the player equipping armor plates.

“Replay might not be too accurate,” replied one. “They paused for a pretty long time after throwing the smoke. Might have actually been putting on shields and it just didn’t show up.”

“It looks like the animation bugged out and didn’t show him plating,” another added. “Kinda sucks that we can’t see whether he had plates after reviving but that’s the kill cam for you.”

However, as others pointed out, it’s likely the opponent was actually first downed by fall damage, which explains why the armor plates were still equipped.

“Did you down him?” one player asked. “When you get downed by fall damage it doesn’t damage your plates, just your health so when you res you have plates still.”

While Warzone 2 certainly has its fair share of bugs and glitches, in the end, it doesn’t seem like this is one of them. Nevertheless, it’s worth remembering that players will still have shields after being downed by fall damage.