Warzone 2 invisibility glitch makes enemies impossible to kill

Warzone 2 player on Ashika Island holding gunActivision

Taking down an enemy in Warzone 2 is hard enough, and it may as well be impossible when they are invisible.

Unfortunately, bugs and Warzone 2 go hand in hand. These hiccups range from minuscule and comical, to infuriating and game breaking. Most recently, players discovered a bug that knocks players in the pre-game lobby and kept them down as the game started.

Adding insult to injury, community members also unearthed an issue in the gulag, which allowed competitors to run towards their opponent before a match even started.

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In what’s devolved into a long laundry list of complaints, invisible players plague Warzone 2 matches.

Warzone 2 community member exposes invisible enemy glitch

warzone 2 snipingActivision Blizzard
Running into an invisible opponent is the last thing you want to go up against in Warzone 2.

A frustrated WZ2 player posted a clip of an invisible enemy on Reddit and asked: “How are we five months into this game and there’s still an invisibility glitch?”

The player got downed from an enemy, but you never saw an enemy from their perspective. However, in the killcam it showed an enemy, causing a wave of confusion in the comment section.

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Some community members questioned if it is hacking or just a bug. ” I figured if that dude isn’t cheating, he probably doesn’t know he’s invisible to other people.”

Other players argued if it was hacking, the player would have been killed earlier in what became a prolonged engagement.

A second user added: “this happened to me twice recently, running up the stairs only to turn around and get beamed from nothing.”

The bug could boil down to a number of Warzone 2 server related issues, and community members want an answer after months of unclarity.

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