NICKMERCS hits out at “unsupportive” fans hating on him for not playing Warzone

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Popular streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has called out unsupportive fans that hate on him for playing other titles besides Warzone. 

Following on from the exciting news that Infinity Ward is currently developing Warzone 2 alongside MW2, there have been a lot of questions on whether NICKMERCS will return to the battle royale. 

Despite leaving Warzone in favor of Apex Legends, the popular streamer has often returned to Warzone during new updates. While his stance on the current state of the game hasn’t changed, Nick has revealed his excitement surrounding Warzone 2 and MW2. 

However, the content creator has voiced his frustrations over unsupportive fans, noting how they have had a negative impact on his passion for Warzone. 

NICKMERCS calls out unsupportive fans

NICKMERCS playing Warzone
NICKMERCS rarely enjoys playing Warzone.

“There’s just this group of people that get mad that I go play a different game,” explained Nick. “They get mad, they come to me, and they b*tch at me not for playing that game. They hate on the new game I’m playing, and they b*tch at me for not playing the old game I used to play.”

While many of Nick’s fans have accepted his move over to Apex Legends and appreciate the work he’s put into the competitive scene, there are still those that dislike his move from Warzone. It’s these kinds of viewers that the streamer often has to deal with, especially when switching between games. 

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“It makes me resent that whole area. It’s just the circle of life of my stream, it happens every f*cking time,” said the content creator. “I’m over here trying to turn the page. I have my goals, my aspirations, and I’m just trying to do my thing…They’re just being so unsupportive. They just talk sh*t about the place I’m at now and b*tching at me for not being where they want me.” 

Despite this, Nick did reveal that he will come back to Warzone in the future but has no plans to play the BR in its current state. “People probably think I’ll never play CoD again, well, that’s not the case. The current state of Warzone is not intriguing to me. I get on that game and I just feel nothing, unless I’m playing with my friends.” 

With Warzone 2 and MW2 on the horizon, we’ll likely see Nick return to the battle royale, but those wanting the streamer to dive back into Caldera will be disappointed. For now, Nick has his sights firmly set on Apex Legends’ competitive scene.

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