Demon Gun glitch returns in Warzone and is worse than ever

Andrew Highton
player aiming with demon gun glitch

Warzone’s Demon Gun glitch has been oddly quiet for some time now, but it has finally reared its head once more. As well as occupying the screen in a terrifying twisted form, it also seems to have a new upgrade that makes it even more deadly.

When Warzone Pacific first launched, Caldera was constantly being subjected to an inability to load textures and multiple instances of the Demon Gun glitch in every match. After several patches and updates, some semblance of normality was finally achieved, making the map more cohesive and glitch-free.

The hot tropics of Caldera have been relatively free of twisted, sharp Demon glitches for a while now. However, it appears like it has returned in a recent update as one player unexpectedly ran into the Demon Gun glitch during a recent game, only, it had a new trick up its sleeve.

player's gun broken in cod warzone
If the demon glitch happens to you in Warzone it’s usually game over.

Warzone’s Demon Gun glitch is back

The thing about Warzone’s Demon Gun glitch is that it’s utterly terrifying to look at. For those unfamiliar with this phenomenon, the glitch breaks the textures of a gun, leaving the gun itself to become a huge, spikey-looking deathtrap that obscures a lot of the screen and player’s view.

It can be off-putting and unsettling for both gamers as you need to decipher the location of your opponent who is buried amongst a sea of protruding textures.

OowlwoO was simply trying to obtain a cash drop during a game of Rebirth, when out of the corner of their eye a demonic presence suddenly emerged, taking up most of the screen before quickly downing the player.

The bizarre thing about this version of the Demon glitch is that as soon as the player went into the downed state, they were immediately booted from the game.

In this instance, it seems like the enemy player was the one who glitched out this time instead of the gun, creating “the smoke monster” in the process. Users were quick to offer comfort with one player humorously offering: “Shouldn’t have killed the blob,” and another saying: “You should know better than to go in his feeding grounds.”

We can only hope this was a bizarre one-off incident and the Demon glitch isn’t back permanently. If it is, then at the very least we can do without it kicking us from matches.

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