Warzone 2 weapon glitch causes player to lose match


A new glitch in Warzone 2 caused a player’s gun to stop shooting mid-clip, costing the team the win.

Bugs and glitches can disrupt a player’s game in many ways, forcing one to redo a mission or restart the entire game. 

When those things happen in multiplayer matches, the experience can be even more frustrating for the player, as it could cost them the game and everything they worked towards.

A new glitch has appeared in Warzone 2, according to a video on Reddit that showed the player’s gun stops shooting even though the magazine was half full.

Warzone 2 glitch prevents gun from shooting

A video was posted to Reddit on February 11 showing a new glitch that a player found where their gun randomly stopped shooting.

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As the final circle begins to move, the player spots an enemy and starts to engage them. Getting the jump on the player, they should have won the fight easily, but their gun decided it was not the time. With 37 rounds left in the clip, the weapon stops shooting altogether, and the player loses the match.

The glitch did not last, though, as they switched weapons mid-fight, and the second weapon fired just fine.

One user shared their experience in the comments: “This same thing happened to me the other night, twice. Maybe a connection issue?”

Another resonated with the post, saying, “This just happened to me while in a gunfight with somebody. My gun just stopped shooting. Had to press the button again to re-engage.”

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Other users pointed out that it could have been caused by tapping the reload button briefly, causing the gun to stop firing. 

Whatever the cause may be, it’s best to remain cautious and keep your fingers locked in place, so something like this doesn’t happen in more matches.