Warzone’s “Lethal Luxury” Operator skin is pay-to-lose with broken visual glitch

Nathan Warby
Warzone Lethal Luxury skin

Many Warzone players like to show their support for the game by purchasing in-game skins, but this broken cosmetic is actually obscuring their vision during matches after buying it.

Skins have caused plenty of controversy in Warzone since the move over to Caldera. The infamous invisible skin wreaked havoc in the early days of the new map, while the Attack on Titan Levi bundle was largely mocked by fans.

Now, shortly after the start of Season 2, another Warzone skin appears to be completely broken in-game. Only this time, it’s actually putting those who purchased it at a severe disadvantage during matches.

Warzone Lethal Luxury Tracer Pack
The Lethal Luxury Tracer Pack is only available through the store.

The Lethal Luxury Tracer Pack is currently available from the store for 2,400 CoD Points. This is the only way to get hold of the Lethal Luxury skin for the Operator Padmavati, and it cannot be unlocked via the Season 2 Battle Pass.

However, as pointed out by Reddit user OM_Jesus, the skin is causing serious problems. From the clip posted we can see that wearing the skin during matches is seriously impacting visibility.

The furry white cap donned by the Operator continuously slips in and out of the player’s vision, at a rate that is distracting at best and downright unplayable at worst. It’s not hard to imagine how this would make gunfights incredibly difficult.

Since this is a $20 skin, you argue that it’s essentially ‘pay-to-lose’ until it is fixed.

Other Warzone players responded slamming the developers for the broken skin. “Do they test any f*****g thing in this game before pushing it out the door?”

Many even questioned the decision to spend money on the game right now, after so many bugs and glitches. “Why would you sink money into a game that is in such disarray?” replied Ciccio178.

It’s highly likely that Raven will push out a fix for this very soon. But until then we recommend that players be cautious when thinking about buying the skin, or that those who have already unlocked it wait to equip it in-game.

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