MW3 players mock “pay to lose” skin as designs keep getting worse

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MW3 players are making fun of the shooter’s sillier-looking skins, labeling one over-the-top design as “pay to lose.”

Paid skins have remained a divisive part of the Call of Duty ecosystem for the last several years. In particular, fans usually push back against pay-to-win cosmetics that give others an unfair advantage online.

COD’s Roze cosmetic, for example, has sat on the receiving end of the community’s ire since the original Warzone days, ostensibly rendering players invisible in darker map settings.

Now Call of Duty faithful think Modern Warfare 3 developers unwittingly introduced “pay-to-lose” cosmetics that put a bright-colored target on the back of buyers.

MW3 players call Tracer Pack Vivarium Ultra Skin “pay-to-lose”

Activision recently unleashed the Tracer Pack Vivarium Ultra Skin for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone storefronts.

The paid bundle features a new Operator skin adorned with a vibrant purple and neon yellow color scheme. In addition, those who purchase the bundle will gain access to a few accessories and weapon blueprints boasting the same aesthetic.

The community has wasted no time calling out the ridiculousness of the design. One user kicked off a discussion on Reddit by asking, “I don’t mind silly skins but can they at least look good?” Some MW3 players don’t seem to mind, though, as the colorful skin should make opponents easier to spot on the battlefield.

“I hope someone puts this sh** on in my matches, I have difficulty seeing players for long shot kills. With this, I should see ’em from LEO,” jested one Redditor in response to the above post.

Several other players couldn’t agree more. Another person jokingly called MW3‘s Vivarium Ultra Skin the “‘SHOOT ME’ skin.”

Someone else said this Tracer Pack edition is essentially “pay-to-lose.” The user in question reasoned, “If two people are shooting at me, I’m going to aim for the day glow skin first every time.”

Many have taken issue with the skins getting progressively worse throughout MW3’s life cycle. One player argued that, as of late, most skins have been “super bright, flashy, loud, [and] in yo face. Basically, if you don’t like that style of operator skin, then there’s nothing in the store for you at all.”

It’s unclear if such criticism will impact future cosmetic designs, but it seems some MW3 players don’t mind either way – easier targets for them.

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