Crazy Warzone trick can give players $30K within 30 seconds of landing

call of duty warzone pacific moneyActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone players are stunned after a weirdly simple trick was discovered that lets players make a whopping $30,000 within just 30 seconds of landing. 

There’s been a lot of talk about money in Warzone since the start of the Pacific. While there was plenty of cash to go around in the beginning, the devs have since nerfed cash flow – making it harder to secure loadouts and streaks.

While completing contracts and getting kills are typically ways to stack your bread, some players have found them dissatisfactory. One gamer, in particular, has now found success in the hunt for quick cash.

Reddit’s ‘jamcowl’ demonstrated how you can make $30,000 within 30 seconds of landing in Caldera. All you need is an anti-aircraft truck and some passion.

Warzone trick gives you $30,000 in 30 seconds

Warzone not only added AA trucks to Caldera, but also a special NPC-controlled vehicle called an Armored Convoy Truck. Destroying the latter gives players a ton of loot, including bags upon bags of cash, as well as an armor satchel, killstreaks, and Nebula V rounds.

With that many goodies at stake, it’s no surprise that the convoys can tank a lot of damage. But, as jamcowl demonstrates, there’s a simple way to take them out almost instantly.

Landing directly onto an AA truck in the Mines POI, jamcowl switches to the gunner’s seat and – instead of aiming the AA gun at the sky – takes aim at the convoy. Within moments, the vehicle is obliterated and jamcowl is able to drive over and secure their reward.

warzone armored convoy truckActivision
Warzone’s armored convoy trucks have a lot of loot if you can take them down.

In the Reddit replies, people were very impressed by the new trick. One person was shocked, noting that “these turtle truck armored f**ks take a ton of damage normally, [but] that AA gun obliterated it.”

In response, jamcowl revealed how long it will take players to destroy the convoys without an AA gun. According to their calculations, the trucks can be destroyed with 4-6 rockets or 150-200 rounds of AR ammo. 

The AA gun, by contrast, can be downed “in a single burst of AA fire before it even overheats once.”