Pay to win Warzone skin now “way worse” in MW3: “Literally invisible”

Connor Bennett
A screenshot from the game Modern Warfare 3Activision

Call of Duty fans are convinced the “pay to win” Gaia skin is “way worse” in Modern Warfare 3 than it has been in Warzone, especially on some of the grassy maps.

Over the last few years, Call of Duty has had its fair share of “pay to win” issues in both multiplayer and Warzone. A handful of these have been weapons that have been more powerful than advertised, but the majority of them are skins and operators.

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The most recent issue has surrounded the Gaia skin – or Groot, as it’s known to some – which was released as a part of The Haunting event to celebrate Halloween. The tree-like skin has created issues because, while it’s supposed to glow, it’s actually pretty hard to see. 

Many players have complained about it, urging the devs to get rid of it ahead of Modern Warfare 3’s launch. However, it appears as if things have only gotten worse. 

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CoD fans claim Gaia skin is “way worse” in Modern Warfare 3

With MW3 finally opening up to players across the globe on November 10, there has already been a steady flow of complaints about the skin. 

“This skin needs a nerf, it is so OP in Estate and Wasteland. Literally invisible,” said one player, noting that Modern Warfare 3 maps have more vegetation than those in MW2. “I’ve noticed it’s way worse on MW3,” agreed another player, pointing to Underpass and Farm as other headache maps.  

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“There should be a cosmetic toggle, I should have the ability to turn off seeing anyone else’s cosmetics from my game perspective, or at least the non-milsim ones,” another suggested. 

Other players agreed with the suggestion that skins could be turned off, at least on their own end, but that’s probably very unlikely to happen. 

The devs have already enhanced the brightness on the skin once, but it remains to be seen if they’ll do so again – or take any further measures to placate annoyed players.

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