MW3 players claim new skin is the most “pay to lose” in CoD history

John Esposito
MW3 soldiers in Ranked Play costumes

The Sketched Out operator bundle in MW3 has been a target for many reasons since it launched. Now, players are labeling it the most “pay to lose” skin in CoD’s history.

Since Modern Warfare 2019, the approach to in-game cosmetics in CoD has shifted drastically. Each new entry pushes the boundaries, with crossovers with popular brands and new imaginative creations.

The shift in strategy has been, with many players wanting a more realistic cosmetic approach versus playing as Godzilla or overly colorful characters.

The Sketched Out pack has been a target of criticism since it hit MW3 in early February before Season 2 arrived, and as time goes on, the criticism rises with fans deeming it the most “pay to lose” skin ever.

MW3’s Sketched Out bundle divides players

The Sketched Out pack is in MW3 and Warzone’s store for 2400 COD Points, and it brings a unique comic book aesthetic to CoD. It’s been blasted by players for looking like a Fortnite skin, and it’s also raised plenty of visibility concerns. Some have called it a giant “neon sign” that gives away your location.

In a post shared to the MW3 subreddit, one MW3 player addressed those visibility concerns. “I’m so glad this guy picked the bright comic book skin,” they said. “It made him super easy to kill,” as they lay prone on Shipment looking at the helpless player.

Other players chimed in on the skin’s zany appearance: “Pay to lose.” Another added on to the previous sentiment by stating: “It’s the most pay to lose skin in the game.”

Funnily enough, plenty of players showed support for the skin. “I f**king love this skin. Got that cell-shaded look that I like,” one player said. Another replied: “Love this skin. It’s the only one I’ve ever bought from the store. I’ve been using it the last few weeks.”

As mentioned, skins like these typically see the player base revisit the visibility concern, which is a fair concern after the Roze and Gaia skins ran rampant in their respective titles. One player shared their take: “I’ve never really had an easier or harder time to see and hit enemies regarding their skin.”

Counter to that, one user mentioned the Gaia skin that got nerfed specifically because of visibility issues, saying they much prefer this to not being able to see their enemy at all.

“I prefer this over that groot bullsh*t campers use,” they claimed.

Either way, it seems that some people are ok with being a bit easier to see and paying to lose if it means running around the map in style.

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