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Call of Duty

Warzone’s game-breaking Halloween animations leave streamers speechless

Published: 22/Oct/2021 21:48

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 6 Halloween Haunting has left some streamers absolutely spooked. Players like IceManIsaac and JoeWo are getting hard-countered by the event’s screen-stuffing animations.

The mechanics in The Haunting’s Ghosts of Verdansk mode are different than they were in last year’s Zombies Royale. And the new Fear meter doesn’t seem to be trending well with fans.

And it’s definitely not earning love from the game’s streamers, whose highlight plays are getting ruined in the mode. With Fear meter’s “hallucinations” covering your entire screen, some players are getting killed without even knowing what’s happening. 


To show just how wild these animations can be, let’s start with IceManIsaac. Trying to solo wipe a team, he kills one before the Fear meter ticks up and… the rest is history.

Warzone streamers dumbstruck by Halloween animations

As you can see in Isaac’s clip, he guns one player while playing Ring Around the Rosie. Then, preparing for the next kill, he gets shot, and, mid-finesse, a fiery skull flies forward and explodes across his entire screen.

By the time the flames of the animated fire skull disperse, Isaac is downed and killed. He, at a loss for words, reacts with a simple thumbs up. We’ll let the reader decide if that gesture was performed sarcastically.


And Isaac’s not the only one to get thwarted by the event. AverageJoeWo had just downed an enemy in his clip, only to get slapped with an… error animation?

By the time the blue screen disappeared, Joe’s scenery had become blue skies — as he was killed and sent to the ghost realm. He, too, was left speechless, simply sitting there, mouth agape, seemingly wondering about the game’s betrayal.

While the pros don’t know how to react to the Halloween event’s animations, fans have come up with their own responses. One user even called them “bowling-alley style,” appearing more annoyed with the graphic design than the mechanic itself.