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Warzone players slam Cold War Halloween event: “Way worse than last year”

Published: 20/Oct/2021 11:48

by Jacob Hale


Warzone players are expressing their frustration with the Haunting event en masse, claiming that it’s notably worse than the 2020 version of the Halloween event.

The Haunting arrived in Warzone in the October 19 update, bringing with it the spooky new modes and cosmetics that Call of Duty has become known for at this time of year.

While the incredible cosmetic bundles of famous horror characters such as Donnie Darko and Scream have been well-received by players, the actual event itself is struggling to have the same effect.

In fact, within just a few hours of going live, there were numerous complaints about the event, including the scary animations and how poorly it fares compared to the Modern Warfare Halloween event.


Warzone ghost face skin
The Haunting event introduced Ghosts of Verdansk.

In 2020, The Haunting of Verdansk divided players, but much of the community sentiment towards it was positive. Players generally enjoyed Zombie Royale, and even just the night-time BR mode freshened up the game for some.

However, during the Cold War Halloween event, players aren’t quite experiencing the same thing, and numerous fans have pointed out how much they believe it is worse than the Modern Warfare Haunting event.

Following the event going live, a litany of Reddit posts were published expressing disappointment, and all shared the same sentiment: It’s just not as good as last year’s offering. One even said that they’re already “fed up of it,” saying that the event is “f**king annoying” and “a trash version of last year’s event.”


Reddit complaints Warzone Halloween event
Reddit: CODWarzone
A small selection of the numerous Reddit posts comparing the Halloween event to last year’s.

Above is just a small insight into the numerous posts that popped up on the Warzone subreddit in the immediate aftermath of the event launching, and the complaints have been almost nonstop.

Whether devs Raven change anything before the event ends on November 2 remains to be seen but it’s fair to say some players aren’t particularly happy.