Explosive Warzone bug causes helicopters to self-destruct out of nowhere

Michael Gwilliam
warzone helicopter under fire

A ridiculous Warzone bug is causing full teams to randomly explode while inside of a helicopter and players are demanding the devs fix this problem.

Despite being one of the most successful battle royales of all time, Call of Duty: Warzone has had a number of issues plaguing it and keeping it from reaching its full potential.

Amidst the swarms of hackers and the endless debate regarding aim assist, an annoying bug involving the game’s helicopters can result in instant death for both you and your team.

The worst part is that the issue has persisted for a long time, so players have had enough.

Warzone bug makes helicopters self-destruct randomly

As shown by YouTuber and content creator Rito Rhymes, there are certain spots on Rebirth Island that are death traps for pilots and anyone who happens to be on board.

In the video montage, there are several instances of the player gently landing the vehicle before it spontaneously bursts into flames.

Due to the bug’s consistency, in one segment, Rito even used it to his advantage to finish off a downed opponent with the chopper’s tail before reviving himself afterwards.

Warzone helicopter battle
Landing a helicopter might be safer in real life than in Warzone.

Helicopter Warzone bug explained

“I’ve been tormented by this bug on Rebirth Island for a while now and despite sending about a dozen bug reports directly to the Dev’s formal channel for months, they haven’t even acknowledged it as an issue to correct,” Rito told Dexerto.

“Myself and many others have been dealing with a chopper bug that spans about 1/5 of the map since its launch, where if you land or takeoff in specific areas, it will explode and down/kill/teamwipe everyone inside,” he added. “I’ve gotten so frustrated with it that I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands by creating a map detailing all the areas of where not to land your chopper and a video demonstrating how much of a nuisance the issue really is.”

Warzone map red zone
Don’t try to land in these red zones.

The map, as seen, shows that many spots around the lower right side of the map are death traps for helicopter pilots. Hopefully, with so much evidence to work with, the devs can finally fix this bug and make the skies safe once more.

Until then, you may want to think twice if your teammate says “get to the choppa!”