Warzone teaser reveals location & date of Nuke event at Dam

Alex Garton
Warzone Dam teaser
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The first teaser for Warzone’s Nuke event has officially arrived and it’s potentially revealed the exact location & date of the highly-anticipated event.

The end of Warzone Season 2 is fast approaching and the developers have been hinting at a looming catastrophic event for a while now. From nuclear silos appearing on the Verdansk map to the arrival of Zombies on the Vodianoy ship, it’s fair to say Treyarch has got the whole player base extremely excited.

The Zombies have slowly been making their way up to the top of the map, infecting Hospital, Downtown, and even Superstore on the way. Now, with Season 3 on the horizon, an official teaser has finally revealed the potential location & date of the upcoming event.

We now know where the Zombies are heading and where the fatal event will presumably take place.

Warzone map
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Warzone was released all the way back in March of 2020.

Warzone teaser hints at Nuke event date & location

As with every new Season of Warzone, Treyarch has begun sending out physical clues to influencers to release to their fanbases. While a lot of the developer’s hints in the past have been incredibly cryptic, this time, the information is clear and obvious.

Call of Duty League caster Joe ‘MerK’ DeLuca posted an image of a package he received from Treyarch, which included a helmet and a warning note. The black helmet is imprinted with a yellow gas mask sign and the location “Verdansk Dam”. A number of other influencers received the same package.

While the note reveals that the upcoming Warzone event will take place on April 21 and result in the demise of Verdansk.

“Once the hostiles reach here, we levee a guess that Verdansk is all but gone to the damned. April 21st, 12 PM.”

These major clues have finally given Warzone players a date to look forward to and potentially, confirmed that Season 3 will bring a revamped Verdansk to explore. While we’re still in the dark about the exact details of the event, it’s clear that the developers have something huge planned.

For now, it’s just a waiting game until April 21, the date that the Zombies will finally make their way up to the Dam and trigger the highly-anticipated event.