Warzone streamers baffled as devs remove Vanguard playlists

Theo Salaun
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Call of Duty: Warzone hasn’t been having the sunniest time in the Pacific, but the new update seems to be raining even harder on players’ parades. After Vanguard playlists were removed in January, streamers were… not happy.

It’s no secret that Warzone has had some issues ever since it went to the tropics of Caldera. Invisible skins, broken shotguns, and any number of bugs and crashes could prove that point.

There has been one clear saving grace, however, as many of the game’s streamers and casual fans alike have enjoyed the Vanguard playlists. With new vehicles and new weapons, alongside the absence of all Heartbeat Sensors, the mode has earned a lot of appreciation.

If one thing can prove that point, it’s the reception to the removal of those playlists. Warzone’s mid-season update, on January 12, also announced the removal of most VG modes moving forward and players were absolutely bewildered.

Warzone streamers question removal of Vanguard modes

As you can see from FaZe Kalei’s onslaught of question marks, the decision to remove Vanguard’s playlists is considered a puzzling one. And she wasn’t alone, as other streamers, like ROKKR Blazt, said they were “confused” about the listed schedule.

Said schedule suggests that for three consecutive weeks, from the week of January 13 to the week of January 27, there will only be one occasion with a Vanguard BR playlist. Not only that, but there will only be one mode (Quads) within that playlist.

European Warzone streamer MVapulear went a step further than his American counterparts. He claims that “if they fully take out Vanguard BR this game is finished.”

From these reactions, it’s obvious that top-level players are incredibly fond of the Vanguard-only battle royale modes. With this kind of feedback, it’s possible that Raven Software pivot and bring back those playlists, but that remains to be seen.

For now, it seems that fans and players alike might need to dust off the Heartbeat Sensors and EM2s. The meta is opening back up for the next month.

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