MW3 & Warzone SBMM possibly removed due to server issues

Declan Mclaughlin
Warzone characters parachuting into map

Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone players have woken up to multiple server issues and it appears like skill-based matchmaking is now down as well.

The Call of Duty servers were thrust into chaos last night apparently as players woke up to multiple issues across Modern Warfare 3, Zombies, Ranked Play, and Warzone. Players have reported issues with progression tracking across events, challenges, ranked, and the battle pass.

Some have claimed that the issues are worse than just problems with the progression system, with players claiming that they were reset back to Rank 1 and that they lost all progress on their Weapon level and Emblems when they logged on.

The developers have addressed the issue on social media, and said they are working to fix this issue. However, it seems that these issues have essentially led to the removal of skill-based matchmaking.

MW3 & Warzone issues prompt possible SBMM removal

Players have also reported connection issues with Ranked Play in MW3, and returning to the lobby with their rank reset to Bronze. However, COD fans are continuing to queue up for matches while these issues persist.

This would seemingly cause chaos in matches as veteran players who have had their progression reset get paired with newcomers just learning their loadouts. This would effectively remove SBMM from the game, as the algorithm that decides who gets into matches with whom is effectively broken.

The issues with the COD servers come days after a recent patch dealing with cheaters. The community has been calling for something to be done about hackers and cheaters in the game for a while, and the developers have responded in kind with a massive ban wave.

Whether that ban wave has anything to do with the current issues the game is facing is unknown.