Warzone players furious as fan-favorite mode removed again

Jacob Hale
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Warzone players have been left fuming at developers Raven Software as the latest playlist update has once again removed a fan-favorite mode, causing many to no longer want to play.

With every playlist update in Warzone, certain modes are added or removed in an attempt to keep things fresh. This could mean the likes of Mini BR and Plunder getting added in while modes like Lockdown or Resurgence Quads get removed.

While with every change there are going to be some players upset, but usually it doesn’t impact a particularly large portion of the player base.

This time, though, they’ve removed BR Duos, one of the most popular modes in the game — and players aren’t happy.

Warzone removes battle royale duos

In the February 22 playlist update, Duos was removed from the regular Battle Royale rotation, leaving just solos, trios, and quads.

Instead, duos will only be in Resurgence and Mini BR, much to the chagrin of players.

One said that they’re “p*ssed” duos is being removed, while others called it “ridiculous” as they primarily play BR Duos.

Over on Reddit, people were annoyed too. “This was one of the things I was really glad they stopped doing,” said Penthakee. “I almost always play duos with a friend, I don’t care about any other game mode, resurgence, event, special mode. Well, let’s wait until next week I guess then.”

The top comment on the post called the devs “stupid motherf**kers.”

With hundreds of comments across the internet and BR Duos actually out of the rotation for two weeks now, Raven may be forced to change plans and give in to pressure from their players, especially if they see their player counts drop.

After these two weeks, Season 2 Reloaded is expected to start, so we may see Duos come back as well as some more significant changes across the board.

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