Warzone players mock Double-Barrel ‘nerf’ as Shotguns are still way too good

Andrew Highton

Call of Duty: Warzone matches are still being subjected to endless Double-Barrel Shotgun abuse. The OP weapon has had its effectiveness reduced by Raven Software, but clearly not enough as they’re still monstrously powerful.

As we’ve seen a few times previously, Raven Software have dropped a nerf on a popular gun, and it’s not done much. Players from the Cold War and Warzone integration will remember the horrors of “DMRzone,” and how it took several nerfs to stop players using the DMR.

It’s happened with a few other guns since, and the latest culprit is the Akimbo Double-Barrel Shotguns from Vanguard. The January 7 Warzone update was supposed to address the guns’ reign of terror. However, a few examples have surfaced showing that they’re still as deadly as ever.

warzone akimbo shotguns
These guns have caused so much pain to Warzone players.

Maintaining a balanced meta can be difficult for a game like Warzone, especially with over 100 guns and tons of attachments making for a staggering number of possibilities.

But, when one gun steps up and starts to dominate it’s very noticeable. After weeks of complaints, the Shotguns were finally supposed to be fixed with the new update, but a couple of Reddit posts have shown this not to be the case.

One post featured a quick and to-the-point video highlighting that the guns still possess obscene range and firepower.

Double-Barrel Shotguns are still running wild in Warzone

The killcam proved that the parachuting player was instantly one-shotted by the guns at mid-range. One of the users simply said: “Lmfao, all you can do is laugh.”

But if that wasn’t bad enough, a rather humorous and sarcastic post titled “I think the Double-Barrels may need another “incremental” adjustment,” demonstrated their group-killing potential.

In the space of just 20 seconds, the Double-Barrel Shotguns effortlessly and worryingly destroyed five players, including a team of three. It’s understandable that they should be good at close-range, but players believe they’re too strong at present.
The official patch notes reduced several elements of the Akimbo Shotguns, namely their damage multipliers, hip spread, and mobility. After seeing these clips and the uproar from the community, don’t be shocked to hear of another patch on the way.