Warzone players frustrated as devs completely remove Resurgence Duos

Brianna Reeves
warzone resurgence duos

Call of Duty: Warzone’s weekly playlist has removed Resurgence Duos, much to the dismay of players.

Developer Raven Software has posted the weekly playlist that will run in Warzone from June 13 through June 19. For this period, players can hop into Lockdown Quads on Rebirth Island, Plunder Quads on Urzikstan, as well as Resurgence Solos, Trios, and Quads.

Several other modes feature in the playlist, too, but players are frustrated that one fan-favorite mode failed to make the cut – Resurgence Duos.

Warzone users shared their frustrations about the Resurgence Duos’ snub in response to Raven’s playlist announcement.

“Resurgence Duos just doesn’t exist anymore?” asked one Twitter/X user under the developer’s post.

In response to someone who questioned why anyone cares about Duos, one person chimed in to say that they and others prefer to play Warzone without “squadding up with randos…”

Players on Reddit shared the sentiment, and one user had especially harsh words for the Call of Duty publisher, writing, “I’m miffed. F**k Activision.”

Others are frustrated because Resurgence Duos is their preferred multiplayer mode. “This was the only mode I played with my friend. Why the literal f**k do they have 2 resurgence quads…?” said one player.

This is far from the first time that Warzone has removed its fan-favorite Duos option. Much to the chagrin of Call of Duty players, Raven Software sidelined Battle Royale Duos back in March 2024.

For now, Warzone faithful can only hope Resurgence Duos will return in a future playlist.

The June 13 playlist went live just days after Raven Software rolled out Warzone’s June 11 update, which tackled a few Killstreak bugs and fixed errors impacting the Kar98k bolt-action rifle.