Best long-range Warzone loadouts to replace Bren meta

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Call of Duty: Warzone’s meta is primed for a shift in the mid-season update, which is expected to nerf the Bren and MP-40. If you want to prepare for the next wave, here are the long-range loadouts that may emerge.

It took a little time, but after Vanguard’s Automaton got nerfed into the ground – the Bren LMG meta took the Pacific limelight. When built correctly, the Bren loadout has been a devastating long-range presence across Caldera, with minimal recoil and a lot of damage.

In a January 7 update, though, developers at Raven Software explained that the Bren (and its complementary MP-40) will be getting adjusted in the “near future.” With a patch scheduled for January 12, many believe the guns will be on the chopping block.

As such, it’s never too early to start preparing for the next meta. If the Bren is unusable, then there are some intriguing options that could step up. Among assault rifles and light-machine guns, the BAR, Cooper Carbine, STG-44, MG42, and Type 11 lead that pack.

Best Warzone AR loadouts to replace Bren: BAR, Cooper, STG

faze booya vanguard warzone bar loadout classTwitch, GD_Booya
Booya’s BAR loadout is already proven and deadly.

The AR options are pretty intriguing, as each of the most likely candidates to fill the meta are fairly unique. The BAR is an easy option, as FaZe Booya already proved its lethality by winning a tournament with it during the Bren meta.

If the BAR’s damage isn’t enough to outweigh its slow firing rate and limited magazine, the Cooper and STG may rise instead. The Cooper Carbine loadout is best seen as a direct Automaton replacement, with lovely recoil control balanced by somewhat-limited mag capacity and damage.

The STG-44 loadout, by contrast, is harder to control than either of the aforementioned guns, but it packs a punch and can do serious work if you learn its recoil pattern.

Best Warzone LMG loadouts to replace Bren: MG42, Type 11

MG42 GunsmithActivision
This Warzone MG42 loadout is already making the rounds on TikTok.

Among LMGs, the MG42 loadout is understandably getting a lot of interest – as the gun’s ground loot variant is pretty nasty. It has easily controlled recoil, a solid damage profile, and inherently comes with serious magazine capacity.

There are murmurings about the Type 11, too, though. Outside of an infinite ammo exploit, some players think it could emerge as a serious contender for the next long-range beast thanks to recoil control and damage.

It’s worth noting that, outside of the Bren and MP-40, any number of guns could get adjusted for Season 1.5. These are the guns worth keeping in mind for now.

Who knows though, if the update buffs snipers (as the Vanguard 1.5 patch did) then maybe a gun like the Vanguard Kar98k could come into play.