Warzone streamer FaZe Kalei calls for other CoD stars to swap to Apex Legends

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Call of Duty: Warzone’s new Pacific, Caldera map, and Vanguard integration have failed to secure the game’s renaissance. Instead, FaZe Kalei is echoing Aydan and suggesting a pivot to rival BR, Apex Legends.

For months upon months after its March 2020 release, Warzone was the most-watched battle royale on Twitch. Eventually, the game’s solitary Verdansk map grew stale and Apex Legends overtook the title in November 2021.

Hopes were high for a Warzone renaissance arc with Vanguard’s integration and the debut of its first new large-scale map, Caldera, in December 2021. But those aspirations were short-lived, as a number of issues plague the game.

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Warzone’s quality testers are still apparently on strike, the game has invisible skins, and the holiday update’s Krampus introduction simply infuriated players. And now, some of the biggest streamers are tilted to the point that they’re looking elsewhere.

Warzone streamer FaZe Kalei promotes switch to Apex Legends

In a response to an Aydan tweet saying how “refreshing” Apex was, Kalei poked at the premise of switching titles too. Not holding any punches, she put it very simply: “We should just all switch to apex.”

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This comes shortly after NICKMERCS urged streamers to follow in his footsteps and leave Warzone for Apex’s greener pastures. And, it seems that – with Aydan already dabbling in it – Kalei thinks other players should maybe follow suit.

While Kalei hasn’t made the jump quite yet, it seems that Aydan is starting to make the swap. In a December 29 tweet, he explained that he’s taking a break from Warzone and prioritizing EA’s BR.

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This also comes directly after he called for a ranked playlist in Warzone, a competitive mode which exists in Apex and has been ignored by CoD’s devs for over a year now.

With Warzone’s viewership numbers and tournament prize pools, it’s hard to imagine people fully moving away. But it’s still a concerning pattern. A new map wasn’t enough to bring NICKMERCS back from EA’s grips, so one has to wonder if others will follow in his path.

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