Warzone players demand nerfs to “unbelievably stupid” Krampus monster

Krampus in WarzoneActivision

Warzone players are begging for the developers at Raven to nerf the “stupid” Krampus figure, that’s killing the game in regular matches.

A controversial addition to Warzone in the Festive update came in the form of a mythological creature known as the Krampus.

The Christmas monster that hunts down players isn’t exactly invincible, however, the firepower needed to take it down when you’re being chased is ruining the game for many.

Since the release of the Krampus on December 16, an outcry in the Warzone community has begun as players band together pleading to the devs for a nerf to the “stupid” monster – at least in regular matches.

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Krampus in Warzone / Vanguard

Multiple Reddit threads pleading to Raven for the monster’s nerf since its release has done the rounds in the community.

A thread from Warzone player leanlikeakickstand hit out at the devs for how unbelievably stupid the new addition is. “The Krampus is so unbelievably stupid. Your game is basically over if he starts hunting you,” said the infuriated player.

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They continued: “In an hour of playing, I’ve had this f**king thing hunting my team in four separate games! One of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen implemented in Warzone.

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Leanlikeakickstand’s complaint was shown a lot of support from others. However, some players were confused as to how people are finding it difficult to take down the Krampus.

“He’s ridiculously easy to kill. Also, you can just keep running at well and he can’t really catch you,” said HyperNuclear. “I agree it’s incredibly stupid, but you should be able to easily deal with it. It has a lot of health but is very easy to fight,” said another player.

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With a large portion of the community demanding nerfs to Krampus, we should expect to see at least some changes made in the coming days before the devs close down for the holidays.

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