Apex Legends overtakes Warzone and Fortnite as Twitch’s most popular BR

Lauren Bergin
apex legends ash on storm point with twitch logo

Apex Legends has overtaken rival battle royale titles Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite on Twitch to become the platform’s most streamed BR.

Ever since Season 11 brought new Legend Ash and the spectacular battleground at Storm Point into Apex Legends, players have been diving into the Apex Games head first to explore everything Escape has to offer.

One of the best places to do this is on Twitch, where FPS titans such as shroud, Tfue and NICKMERCS are all demolishing their competition to claim the title of last player standing.

It turns out that Respawn’s iconic title has managed to beat out the competition since Season 11’s release, too, as it has overtaken both Warzone and Fortnite to become Twitch’s battle royale regent.

Apex Legends ash on storm point map
As Ash continues to dominate in the Apex Games, Apex Legends is crushing the competition.

Apex Legends becomes Twitch’s biggest BR

Post-Season 11 release, the title has climbed to the top of Twitch’s “most streamed games” list, as well as ranking as the fourth most-watched game, after League of Legends, CS:GO and GTA V.

Using data obtained by SullyGnome, Apex secured a total watch time of 17,007,500 hours, with a peak viewership of 283,675 in the last seven days. This places it above both Warzone and Fortnite, which sit in sixth and eighth place respectively.

apex legends most watched br on twitch stats
Apex ranks fifth, in comparison to Warzone and Fortnite.

While Season 11’s release clearly has a lot to do with this spike, this isn’t the first time that Apex has snuffed out the competition. From July to September, the title saw significant growth on the streaming platform.

One of the reasons for this was the mass exodus from Warzone following a wave of hacking and seemingly stagnant content.

As Apex continues to go from strength to strength, it’ll be interesting to see how other BRs adapt to its meteoric rise to prominence. It sits firmly on top of our best battle royales list, and it looks like it’s set to remain that way for quite a while.