Everything in Warzone Pacific Season 5 Last Stand: Release date, Doomsday Stations, more

Brad Norton
Warzone Season 5 cover art

Warzone Season 5: Last Stand marks the conclusion of the Vanguard era in Call of Duty’s mega-popular Battle Royale but this final chapter is closing out with a bang. From new Caldera changes to a fresh set of CoD weapons from earlier games in the series, here’s all you need to know.

Eight months since Warzone’s jump to the Pacific and the final chapter is now in focus. After four jam-packed seasons of new content and fresh changes across both Caldera, Rebirth Island, and even a new map in Fortune’s Keep, the current era is building to its conclusion.

With Warzone 2 on the horizon, the existing BR has just a matter of weeks to wrap up any last narrative threads before a vast majority of players jump ship to the sequel.

So what exactly does the final season have in store? Beyond the usual assortment of weapons, Operators, and map changes, there’s plenty to wrap your head around. So before you drop in, here’s a full breakdown of all there is to know about the Warzone Season 5 update.


Vanguard Season Five Roadmap
A full look at the Warzone Season 5 roadmap.

Warzone Season 5: Last Stand release date

Warzone’s fifth and final season in the Pacific era got underway on Wednesday, August 24 at 9AM PT. As always, players were able to jump right into all the latest content simultaneously around the globe.

While an exact end date is yet unclear, it appears Season 5 will conclude in close proximity to the launch of Modern Warfare 2. The cycle will soon start again with Season 1 kicking things off in the upcoming title.

Peak volcano finally erupts in Warzone Season 5

From the very beginning in Caldera, players have largely been critical of the map’s layout, especially given Peak’s elevation over the remaining POIs. As a result, many were quick to theorize that a dormant volcano within Peak would suddenly become active and erupt to change the BR landscape.

While devs certainly kept everyone waiting, that theory finally came to fruition in Season 5. “Heightened volcanic activity” has been recorded at Caldera, the latest dev blog revealed. As a result, an eruption kickstarted the final season, completely transforming the POI.

Warzone Season 5 Peak volcano
The volcano at Caldera’s core finally erupted in Season 5.

Not only is the mountain’s layout different in Season 5, with a number of winding paths to scale, but deadly lava also requires players to navigate the POI in new ways.

New weapons in Warzone Season 5

Closing out the final major update in a big way, a total of five new weapons are set to be made available during Season 5. Two were made available at launch while the remaining three will be added throughout the season.

Topping the list is the EX1, a futuristic gun that takes after the EM1 energy weapon from Advanced Warfare. Described as a “prototype energy rifle,” this long-range tool relies on a rechargeable battery system, as opposed to traditional ammunition.

Next up is the RA 225 SMG. This “lightweight” gun comes with a “fast fire rate and quick handling” to help it contend against existing meta picks. Though with its rapid-fire comes some hefty recoil, so the right attachments will no doubt come in handy.

Warzone Season 5 gameplay
One of Warzone Season 5’s new weapons is a blast from the past.

Both the EX1 and the RA 225 are available directly in the Warzone Season 5 Battle Pass. The former can be unlocked at Tier 15 and the latter at Tier 31.

As for the remaining weapons, expect to see the Valois Revolver, BP50 AR, and Lienna 58 AR join the mix later in Season 5.

New gameplay features in Warzone Season 5

To round out Warzone’s final content drop in the Pacific era, a range of new gameplay features and mechanics have now been implemented. From individual items to boost your own performance to entirely new stations around the map, there’s plenty to wrap your head around.

Most important is the brand new Doomsday Station. Just by finding this unique device and activating it through a $10,000 fee, you’ll cause multiple helicopters to flood overhead as enemy NPCs drop in and attack you. Your job is to stay within proximity of the device while clearing them out in order to access a number of powerful rewards.

Each game features just a single Doomsday Station, with a number of possible spawn locations. This means players can’t dominate one particular POI time and time again to ensure success.

Warzone Doomsday Station gameplay
Doomsday Stations will seemingly provide some of the most powerful rewards in Warzone Season 5.

Next comes the new Supply Box UAV Killstreak. Serving as a simple yet effective tool, triggering this streak highlights unopened Supply Boxes on your map for roughly 15 seconds.

As part of the Supply Box UAV function, unique Personal Supply Boxes have an “extremely rare” chance of appearing. If you’re lucky enough to find it, all squad members will be awarded a “huge XP boost” along with a number of Loadout weapons.

Rounding out the list of known features is Rage Serum. As a new Field Upgrade in Season 5, activating this ability makes you “violently unstable.” Improved melee damage, lunge distance, and stun power are all to be expected, however, there are a few downsides. Your footsteps will be louder and flashes will be even more effective against you.

Operation: Last Call mode & Heroes vs Villains event

Marking the occasion as Warzone Season 5 winds down the Pacific era, a limited-time mode inspired by Search and Destroy will be available through Operation: Last Call.

Throughout this playlist, you can choose to either defend the map or ignite explosives around various bomb sites. Depending on your actions, you’ll see one of two different endings each time you finish a match.

To up the ante, Lava Rocks will also be falling from the sky in this limited-time mode. Be sure to keep a close eye out for any debris hurtling your way before it’s too late.

Furthermore, from August 24 through until September 14, the Heroes vs Villains event is live. Just by playing Warzone, wiping out enemies, and looting POIs, you’ll earn Faction Tokens. These Tokens can then be traded in for powerful items and help to unlock a number of exclusive rewards including a new Blueprint.