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Warzone side-by-side map comparison shows how much “dead space” Caldera has

Published: 28/Jan/2022 16:15

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone players have compared the layouts of Verdansk and Caldera to one another and discovered that the Pacific map has many more dead zones than the original map.

The Warzone community has been extremely outspoken about their displeasure of the new Pacific map and have even called it “boring.”

Players think that Caldera could use a major makeover in the sense of moving Points of Interest (POIs) to different locations. One suggestion puts a big area like Capital at the center, to match how Verdansk was with TV Station.

There have been complaints about Warzone matches stalling out and hitting a boring phase after the first circle, and this could be due to the overwhelming amount of quiet areas on Caldera.


Verdansk and Caldera comparison shows dead space on new map

Comparison of emptiness on Caldera vs Verdansk, one of the major setbacks holding back Caldera imo. from CODWarzone

In the Reddit post, which we embedded above, you can see the two Warzone maps highlighted in red. This represents that “dead space” that these maps have.

When looking at Caldera (left) we can see that the majority of this wasted space covers the middle north side of the map as well as major portions of the east and west. Compared to Verdansk, which according to this graphic only had dead zones on the outskirts of the map.

This could be why players feel that games are going slower on Caldera. One Reddtior said, “Rotations on Caldera suck. There is too much empty space with almost no cover… The pace is unbelievably slow after the first few minutes.”


CoD Warzone Caldera gameplay
Warzone players think that there is too much dead space and Caldera needs more POIs.

Another person said, “This is having a big impact on the endgame in Caldera. It causes a slower pace and there always seems to be five times as many teams alive as there were in Verdansk.”

The community thinks this could be solved by either moving some POIs around or creating more in the future. Warzone devs have hinted at some map changes coming in Season 2, so they could be listening to the feedback from players.