Warzone fan theory suggests volcano is set to erupt on Caldera map

Warzone Caldera Peak POIActivision

Warzone players have been battling it out on Caldera for months now, but not many of us realized exactly what the name ‘Caldera’ meant. But as uncovered by one savvy fan, it could serve as a major hint towards the future of the map.

Even since the transition from Verdansk to Caldera, Warzone players have been divided on the new map. Some felt it was a welcome breath of fresh air for the CoD battle royale, while others have criticized the barren empty spaces it contains.

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But as is the case in similar games like Fortnite, Caldera will change and evolve as time goes on, with some changes already teased for Warzone Season 2.

As pointed out by one fan, the future of Caldera could have been staring us in the face this whole time, and it could prove to be a huge event in the coming months.

Warzone PeakActivision
Peak is Caldera’s highest point, found on top of a volcano.

Reddit user Kaaaaos posted the theory, which revealed the ramifications that Caldera’s name could have on the game. As it turns out, the definition of a caldera is “a large depression formed when a volcano erupts and collapses.”

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It kickstarted plenty of discussion about what it means for the fate of the map, particularly the Peak POI that can be seen for miles around. The description strongly suggests that the volcano could erupt in-game, then subsequently implode.

This would obviously have a huge impact on the map overall but could be the perfect way to overhaul Caldera and address some fan complaints.

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The destruction of one of Caldera’s largest POIs would certainly have to come as part of a large-scale event. Our best guess would be that it marks the beginning of a new season, or even the move to whichever map follows Caldera in the distant future.

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Players seemed to agree that some kind of eruption is on the cards. “That would explain the springs around the map. A season 5 volcanic event should be great,” replied one player. “Oh the volcano is 100% gonna erupt, it’s just all too convenient,” said another.

Others were less enthused by the possible event. “Calling it now, if they do something like this, the game will be unplayable.”

This is, of course, just a fan theory for now, but there’s no doubt that it could make for an interesting event if Raven decides to go with it. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for Caldera.

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