What is Warzone’s Doomsday Station? Season 5 BR objective explained

Alec Mullins
Warzone Operators in Season 5 preview image

Warzone Season 5 will be the final one of the Vanguard era and to send things off with a bang, Doomsday Stations will be shaking up Caldera in a major way.

The final Vanguard-influenced season of Warzone is bringing a laundry list of changes to the battle royale experience. There will be new weapons, objectives, familiar faces, and even a Search and Destroy game mode that gets the community involved like never before.

One of those new objectives is the Doomsday Station, which will not only influence each match but will also give out a permanent reward upon completion.

What does the Doomsday Station do in Warzone?

At its core, the Doomsday Station is an area-defense minigame similar to the Cash Extraction event on Fortune’s Keep.

Once activated, a wave of AI enemies will converge on your position. This onslaught will contain both foot soldiers and helicopters, so the challenge level will surely be a doozy.

This will have an oversized impact on each match in Season 5 due to its rotating nature. Instead of spawning at the same spot, there will be a handful of places where it can pop up, meaning wherever it goes will certainly be contested.

How to use the Doomsday Station in Warzone

Warzone combatants fighting in Season 5 preview
The Doomsday Station will unlock game-changing rewards according to the devs.

To activate this event, players will need to gather $10,000 and head to whichever area on the map that the station has spawned for that particular round.

There will be an objective marker on the map to show off precisely where that is, but keep in mind that the traffic will be high both in the area and in the surrounding POIs.

New objective rewards

The full list of rewards hasn’t been announced yet but we do know that players can look forward to “earning powerful items” and a permanent Watch cosmetic if they manage to survive the horde.

That’s all we know for now! Check back after the arrival of Season 5 for an updated list of what you can earn for completing this task and how it will give you an edge over the competition!