Warzone pros want tournaments postponed due to frustrating bugs

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After seeing a number of game-breaking Call of Duty: Warzone bugs, particularly in custom games, pros want a change. Until Pacific’s issues are fixed, Aydan and others are asking tournament organizers to postpone events.

We’re back to that season, where it feels like there’s a new $20,000-plus tournament every day. While that sounds great for the game’s competitors, some would rather delay these events until Warzone is in a better state.

Pacific has some funny glitches like one where teammates look like big grenades or players seem to have gigantic noses while shooting. But they’re less funny, and much more frustrating, when there’s a ton of money on the line.

That was the case when players saw just how bad glitches could get in Warzone Pacific customs, which are the main format for tournaments. In particular, they were set off by the plane transformer glitch.

Warzone pros demand delays after airplane transformation glitch

First, the glitch itself. If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a bug where you can win your Gulag and then re-deploy as a plane, then transform back into a person, then back to a plane, and so on and so forth until your game crashes.

This is obviously a game-breaking issue that quickly made a number of streamers question the game’s suitability for tournaments. Most notably, the game’s highest all-time earner, Aydan, used the clip to exemplify Warzone Pacific’s current problems.

Warzone pros criticize state of Pacific

Saying that this glitch “sums up the Warzone Customs scene right now,” Aydan expressed shock that the community is still playing tournaments despite these bugs. And he was far from the only one to complain.

Another streamer, BearPig, sarcastically joked that the “game is in a perfect state for tournaments.” And, representing a sentiment mentioned by many others, Knight reacted by asking to “just postpone tournaments so it doesn’t ruin the experience altogether.”

With a new, double patch on December 15, Warzone’s 1.50 update addressed a number of bugs in the game and brought about a variety of weapon adjustments. But the custom lobbies aren’t fixed just yet, as they’ve been outright disabled as an option for the moment.

With the game’s first LAN (a customs event no less) on December 17, the clock is ticking to fix these issues.