Warzone players frustrated by “pay-to-lose” Skull Collector bundle

AS44 weapon preview screenActivision

A new Warzone weapon blueprint bundle is being dubbed “pay-to-lose” after players discovered that the gun doesn’t work in the battle royale mode. 

The Vanguard weapon integration has given Warzone players plenty of new loadouts to experiment with, but it seems that there is a major problem with one of the game’s blueprints.

While Warzone weapon blueprints invariably offer unique camo designs and tracers packs, it’s rare that a blueprint actively gives players a disadvantage. 

Well, that’s exactly what the Skull Collector bundle does when players use one of the blueprints in Warzone. Not only does this particular blueprint give players a huge disadvantage in the game, but it can also lead to some incredibly frustrating firefights.

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In fact, those that have bought the Skull Collector bundle weapon have dubbed it “pay-to-lose.”

Warzone weapon blueprint is “pay-to-lose”

Warzone Skull Collector Pack bundleActivision
The Warzone Skull Collector Pack bundle includes a number of jungle-themed cosmetics.

The Skull Collector Pro Pack was released as part of Warzone’s Pacific Season 1 update, giving players the chance to purchase cosmetics that are tailor-made for the jungle canopy of Caldera. 

Those who purchase the bundle will gain seven items, with one of them being a Legendary Weapon Blueprint for the AS44 Assault Rifle. The “Acinonyx” blueprint features mesh netting and has been coated in dark green camouflage. 

While this may seem like a great choice for those that wish to hide in Caldera jungle areas, a number of players are encountering a strange issue that renders the blueprint completely unusable. 

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One player has uploaded a short clip that appears to showcase how the “Acinonyx” blueprint simply doesn’t appear in the game. In fact, the player’s Operator appears to hold an invisible gun. If this wasn’t bad enough, it appears that the AS44 can’t even be fired when this blueprint is equipped. 

Instead, the player is simply forced to watch as his enemy guns him down for a quick and easy kill. The bundle currently costs $20 and comes with three separate versions. While we currently don’t know which version causes this problem, the PS Store bundle seemed unaffected when we purchased the bundle. Hopefully, Raven Software can fix this issue quickly. 

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