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Game-breaking Warzone bug gives you a gigantic nose while shooting

Published: 15/Dec/2021 22:26

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific has brought a number of new and old glitches to Caldera. But the latest bug is a particularly uncomfortable one, especially for the self-conscious, since it makes you feel like you have a massive schnoz. 

In a first-person shooter, it’s quite easy to see what you’re aiming at. Normally, you just see your hands in front of you. When you aim down your gun’s sights, you typically only see your weapon’s scope.

But you know what can interrupt that clear view of your reticle? A particularly large nose, sitting right between and below your eyes. And for it to truly intrude on your sightline, it’d need to be quite the honker. 


And that’s precisely what happened to Reddit’s ‘AlpacaPowerrr.’ Every time they try to ADS in Warzone Pacific, a massive, bulbous, flesh-colored object takes over literally half of the screen. It’s the first game-breaking nose in Call of Duty history.

Warzone bug gives you an uncomfortable “massive nose”

I looked online and it seems like no one else has this visual bug. Pls help me fix it it’s impossible to play like this. from CODWarzone

As you can see in the clip, every time Alpaca tries to aim, their screen is dominated by an object. The current consensus in the comments is that said object is a “massive nose,” but some have argued it could be a shoulder or misplaced finger.

Regardless, the visual bug is legitimately an issue. Alpaca said “it’s impossible to play like this” and it’s easy to see why, as the nose literally covers between half and all of the gun’s reticle. 


How to fix Warzone’s massive nose bug

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Shooting is a lot easier when your nose isn’t in the way.

At the moment, it seems like the bug isn’t restricted to any specific console. Some mentioned experiencing it on Xbox and some on PC. At the moment, all have pointed to two possible solutions for it until Raven Software deploy a fix.

The consensus seems to be that you can either just reset your game a few times or, an easier fix, change your operator. One commenter said that the bug happened with Black Ops Cold War skins for them, but vanished when they swapped to Vanguard options.