Warzone hacker conspiracy theorists now tracking ZLaner’s moves IRL

call of duty warzone zlaner hack accusationsActivision / Twitter, @ZLanerOFFICIAL

Call of Duty: Warzone’s hacker watchdogs have officially stepped into new real-world territory. Following ZLaner’s decision to move homes, conspiracy theorists seem convinced that his relocation is tied to cheating.

There’s a lot of hubbub and rumors being thrown around regarding hackers in Warzone. The game’s cheating situation is a big problem, and one big enough that the developers have flaunted their upcoming anti-cheat, which should launch with Vanguard’s integration.

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But, while there are very obvious hackers in the battle royale, there is also always speculation about people who may be cheating more discreetly. And ZLaner is one such target, despite trying to shut down accusations with outrageous stream setups and personal flight offers.

But the accusers will not be denied, and now they’ve found a new reason to suspect Z of cheating: The fact that he’s moving to Toronto, Canada, for his second home relocation in five months.

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ZLaner’s move deemed suspicious by Warzone hack accusers

Unsurprisingly, Z’s move was immediately latched onto by BadBoyBeaman, the most infamous hacker “investigator” around and a repeat accuser. Acting surprised that the streamer would move for the second time in five months, BBB laughed and slapped an investigative thinking emoji on.

This simple prompt seemed to get the followers moving. One user replied, “Everyone said he’d move house when the anti-cheat drops,” while another simply pondered: “Hiding something hmm.”

But Z’s supporters also appeared in bunches, mostly confused at why his move was even worth looking into.

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ZLaner defended against Warzone hackusations

In the replies to the BBB tweet, many thought the YouTuber had gone too far. Among the comments, one said “You’re turning kinda creepy,” and another joked that Beaman was “obsessed.”

And, with bigger names like Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatman involved by BBB’s supporters, Tim also decided to defend his new Warzone teammate.

Ever the colorfully tongued linguist, the newly signed Complexity streamer had a simple message for those still accusing Z: “Shut the f**k up! He’s not cheating, you’re just bots.”

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