Warzone RICOCHET Anti-Cheat fully launched globally with driver

ricochet anti-cheatActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone’s full RICOCHET Anti-Cheat is officially live globally, after an original launch in Asia-Pacific. The anti-cheat’s kernel-level driver is now required for all PC players to use when loading into Warzone Pacific.

The wait is over. Ricochet Anti-Cheat was originally supposed to launch the same day as Warzone Pacific’s Caldera map, but ended up solely launching in the Asia-Pacific region. Now, around a week later, it’s releasing globally.

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Requiring the usage of a kernel-level driver, the anti-cheat is required for all PC players who want to load into Warzone Pacific. It released spontaneously in the early hours of December 15, following a Battle.net shutdown and a surprise Warzone patch.

The patch, update 1.50, brought weapon adjustments, bug fixes, and the anti-cheat, with the latter only being installed on PC players’ systems.

Warzone RICOCHET Anti-Cheat kernel-level driver launches globally

warzone ricochet anti-cheat global rollout

Warzone’s developers announced the news with a full blog post after players began noticing a new application downloaded to their system with update 1.50.

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It remains unclear when the anti-cheat will roll out to Vanguard multiplayer as well, since the original schedule explained that it would first launch on Warzone.

Warzone anti-cheat opens up tournament possibilities

If the anti-cheat does work as intended, then Warzone esports should be able to expand its options. Relegated to customs tournaments to avoid hackers, Ricochet could mean that we see more and more 2v2 and timed kill races in public lobbies.

At the moment, the murmurings around Twitter and social media suggest that hackers are hard at work, trying to find ways to bypass the new driver. As many have mentioned, including the Ricochet team themselves, this driver is not the permanent end of cheaters. Instead, it’s a new start with an even playing field.

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