OpTic Gaming signs up ZLaner as Warzone star’s meteoric rise continues

ZLaner on his Facebook stream.Facebook: ZLaner

On an already huge day for OpTic Gaming, the titanic esports org has announced Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane as their latest Warzone creator, as the Call of Duty streamer’s ever-rising star continues to hit new heights in 2021.

Monday, November 8 has been a huge day for the Call of Duty scene, with perennial heavyweights OpTic Gaming and Envy joining forces in a CDL rebrand.

And, to add a little cherry on top of the already momentous date, OpTic has announced their latest Warzone acquisition: Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane, one of the highest earners in the battle royale scene, has joined the Greenwall as a creator and star streamer after weeks of speculation around his future.

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The move comes after the 23-year-old’s immense rise to online fame across the last calendar year, culminating in a huge top-spot victory in OpTic’s $100k Warzone Invitational with Destroy and HusKerrs.

ZLaner said he can’t wait to get started with OpTic Gaming.

“With Warzone’s new map dropping and the Vanguard launch it’s the perfect time to join OpTic,” he said, “who have always been scene’s undisputed leaders.”

OpTic Gaming ZLaner signing announcement.OpTic Gaming
ZLaner joins OpTic Gaming on one of the org’s biggest days ever.

The 23-year-old joins an already massive stockyard of Warzone streamers under the ever-growing OpTic banner, including TeeP, BobbyPoff, and Sebas Beron, as well as former pro-scene legends FormaL and Karma.

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“ZLaner fits right in with everything we’re about and building for OpTic and the future,” organization figurehead Hector “HECZ” Rodriguez said of the signing. “He’s competitive as hell, all-around entertaining, and a good dude we’re excited to help launch into the next phase of his career.”

The Warzone star boasts just over 1.4 million followers between his Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook channels, the latter of which is where he mainly streams.

Facebook: ZLaner
The Facebook star has become Dr Disrespect’s go-to wingman in recent months.

ZLaner has been one of the major success stories of the past year, springboarding into streaming fame after a partnership with banned Twitch star Dr Disrespect.

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Lane’s popularity was already on the rise ahead of his Doc team-up, but as the first star to combo with the two-time in Warzone, Apex Legends, and more, he quickly became a fan-fave with the Champions Club. He’s even gone so far as to turn down a Twitch deal to keep the duo alive.

The star’s success is far from unearned, however. He currently sits 12th in the all-time Warzone earners list with a tidy $125,777.76 pay packet to his name.

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