Warzone pro Tommey racks up absurd 64-kill game thanks to brilliant teamwork

tommey call of duty warzone pro kill playersTwitter, @Tommey / Activision

Top-tier Call of Duty: Warzone pro Tommey managed to hit a ridiculous 64 kills in Quads on Halloween. And it’s proof of what talent is capable of when combined with absolutely selfless teamwork.

Warzone has been out since March 2020 and, unsurprisingly, it’s become rare to see world records even approached this late in the game. But, just weeks before the new Pacific: Caldera map, Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren has made his mark.

With 64 kills, the top-earning streamer may have beaten a world record for individual kills in a game of Quads. While it’s hard to verify that it’s actually the record, it’s nonetheless an incredible performance.

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Most people won’t be able to replicate Tom’s performance, but there is something to be learned here. With a challenge to get 30 kills for 30 gifted Twitch subs, the streamer’s team put all effort into helping him rack up kills — and their tricks could help your squads hit kill PRs (personal records) too.

Tommey drops 64 Warzone kills with EM2, OTs 9 loadout

As you can see in the clip, Tom was in fine form this match. Downing from distance with the EM2, avoiding gunfire, and using his Combat Bow on a moving helicopter? He obviously celebrated Halloween as a Verdansk demon.

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Throughout the match, Tommey’s EM2 and OTs 9 simply demolished an unprepared lobby. But, even though he would’ve likely hit 40-plus by himself, his teammates were as helpful as can be.

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You can watch the full match VOD (time stamp at 1:33:32) to see exactly how Tommey and his team pulled off the big game, but here are the general pointers.

How Warzone teammates can help reach PR kills

Firstly, knowing Tommey needed a big game — everyone tried not to take too many kills themselves. Instead, they would call out enemies, live-ping them, and often chip armor off so Tom could get easier downs.

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Additionally, the squad always made sure that Tom had a vehicle on hand and a UAV in the sky. And then, one or two would spread out to find enemies out of Tommey’s range, sometimes providing suppressing fire to trap the foes for easier kills once he arrived.

And finally, they also helped in engagements as well. Distracting by driving vehicles, baiting by running around, and clearing buildings to find campers — the entire team committed to helping Tom get kills. Oh and they got his finishes too, saving valuable time.

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Overall, the massive game took serious talent, teamwork, and the luck of a bot lobby (a 0.77, per WZStats). But that teamwork is most interesting for the rest of us, as it showed exactly how you can help your teammates set kill PRs, and vice versa.

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