Warzone players turn to Rocket Launchers for long-range help after major Sniper nerfs

Philip Trahan
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A viral TikTok shows players using rocket launchers to get long-range kills following some major issues with sniper rifles in Warzone.

In the past month or so, there have been some major issues that players feel are holding sniper rifles back. Many have noticed issues with sniper hit registration, for instance, specifically noting the Kar98k as well as other Vanguard snipers.

Paired with some hefty nerfs in the Season 3 update, snipers are in a rough spot.

As a result, it now it seems players are using another weapon in order to get easier kills at long-range.

Warzone players using rocket launchers for long-range kills

In a TikTok posted by content creator “itsjibb,” a montage shows a variety of impressive kills using the Strela-P rocket launcher.

At the beginning of the video, itsjibb says that “Activision messed up again” and that the rocket was “hitscan.” This means the projectile detonates all but instantly, rather than having to travel to reach its target.

strela p rocket launcher warzone
Players have begun using the Strela-P rocket launcher in Warzone to earn long-distance kills.

It’s hard to argue, as many of the kills are very impressive, with multiple kills being earned as players fall to the ground via parachute or are at insane range.

What’s more, there seems to be hardly any shot leading or adjustment necessary for these kills.

With frustrating issues plaguing snipers as of late, like the recent broken reticle bug that essentially got rid of any indicator lines or reticles.

As the fan-favorite Kar98k continues to prove underwhelming following its nerf in Season 3, players are looking for loadouts to replace it in ranged fights.

Though rocket launchers have never really been meta-defining in Warzone, the Strela-P might just be ready to make a splash on the scene.

While the Strela-P boasts relatively lower damage compared to other rocket launchers, the velocity at which shots travel effectively make it an exploding sniper rifle.

Still, the Strela-P has plenty of drawbacks that will hold it back in the grand scheme of things, such as the rocket launcher’s smaller magazine size compared to other weapons.

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