Warzone players claim snipers are “trash” amid Vanguard hit reg issues

Lawrence Scotti
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Call of Duty Warzone players have hit out at the CoD: Vanguard snipers amid hit registration issues in the battle royale, with many claiming they are now “absolute trash.”

Warzone players have been complaining about hit registration problems ever since the battle royale first the battle royale market two years ago.

However, since the arrival of Caldera and integration with CoD: Vanguard, things have seemingly only gotten worse for fans of the battle royale.

Dealing with poor hit detection can make any CoD title difficult to enjoy, especially when someone turns fire against you. Now, players are complaining that the Vanguard snipers are becoming some of the worst offenders in regards to hit reg.

CoD Operator holding KG M40 in snow
Warzone players are reporting hit reg issues with Vanguard weapons.

Warzone players hit out at Vanguard hit reg

Reddit user Shyman4ever posted to the CoDWarzone subreddit complaining about the Kar98k’s hit detection being “misaligned.”

They said: “Here is the proof: Either the Kar98k(VG) scope is misaligned or there is a serious problem with hit registration in this game.”

In the clip, Shyman aims down their sights on an opponent with the Vanguard Kar98k, pulls the trigger directly on them, and doesn’t land the shot until they take a second shot. They even show a slowed-down version of the show, showing just how poor the hit detection was.

Warzone fans quickly echoed Shyman’s complaints regarding hit detection issues with one comment saying: “I have no idea what is wrong with VG snipers. They are absolute trash.”

Another commenter pointed out that hit reg issues aren’t just with Vanguard snipers, though. “Not just VG snipers. The swiss has been doing this on and off since the VG integration. They had mentioned they increased flinch but somehow they did something to the hit reg as well,” they added.

With hit registration becoming a common issue from Warzone players, hopefully, Infinity Ward is hearing their community’s cries for change

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