Frustrating Warzone bug “handicaps” snipers with broken reticle

Warzone sniper reticle glitchTreyarch/Activision

A strange glitch in Warzone is removing the indicators from sniper scopes, making it almost impossible to land any shots.

Despite Warzone’s overwhelming popularity, the game is far from perfect and has garnered a reputation for its frustrating glitches.

Although the majority of these bugs can be overlooked by the community, some of them directly affect the gameplay experience and make it impossible to perform in a match.

Well, that’s certainly the case for a recent issue that has popped up with reticles, effectively making them a spyglass with no indicators.

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This makes it unbelievably difficult to land shots as it’s impossible to aim your bullets accurately.

Warzone sniper glitchTreyarch/Activision
This issue seems to be primarily occurring on snipers but also the Axial Arms 3x scope.

Warzone glitch makes sniper scopes completely useless

Posted to the CODWarzone subreddit on April 5, user ZagureppinSG showcased a glitch that’s making it extremely difficult to utilize snipers at long-range.

After getting into a power position with their Kar98k on Caldera, ZagureppinSG zoomed in with their scope and noticed there was no indicator or reticle.

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This effectively meant the scope was just a spyglass that could only be used to zoom in on enemies. Despite this, they somehow managed to land back-to-back headshots on a set of enemies, picking up two clean kills.

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Although the bug didn’t affect ZagureppinSG in this scenario, it would have been almost impossible to land a shot at long-range.

It’s hard to know why this glitch is occurring with snipers but based on the Reddit thread, it seems to be affecting console players more than those on PC.

Not only that, some players have reported that the Axial Arms 3x scope is also experiencing this bug, so it may even be ruining the scopes on ARs and LMGs as well.

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For now, we’ll just have to wait for an announcement or patch from Raven Software that hopefully addresses the frustrating issue.

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