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Warzone players blast devs over “punishing” Kar98 sniper nerfs

Published: 7/May/2022 12:29 Updated: 7/May/2022 12:57

by Sam Comrie


Warzone’s bevy of marksman rifles is dominated by the Kar98, but continuous nerfs to the popular rifle have players up in arms as they fire back at Raven Software. 

The Call of Duty franchise has seen some incredible weapons join the fray, but the recent iteration of the Kar98k has cemented itself as a Warzone favorite. With a lightweight feel and devilish stopping power, the popular marksman rifle was a bonafide team-wiper in the right hands, but repeated nerfs have comprised the weapon’s value.

Warzone players are hoping a fix will be implemented to rebalance the weapon, as they aim their concerns toward the developers.


KAr98k being used in Warzone
The Kar98k has dominated Caldera since its launch.

Kar98k becomes “useless” as Warzone nerfs shake up the game

Despite its mainstay appeal within Warzone for numerous seasons, the Kar98k may drop off in popularity, as Redditor JournalistBright109 is one of many highlighting its devastating drop in damage. Replying to original poster SZutich97, the Redditor said “they are literally punishing people for being good at the game” in response to jarring footage of a Kar98k headshot failing to enact sufficient damage.

“All snipers got nerfed when season 3 hit” added the Warzone player.

Another disgruntled player feels that the nerfs are hitting multiple weapon classes, aside from marksman rifles: “You can’t use 75% of snipers, almost all shotguns, almost all pistols. Half the ARs, SMGs are useless too.”


So did they nerf vanguard kar98 or….? I’m not that far from him. maybe 50m or so from CODWarzone

Redditor bilbobugginz appeared to be confused by the bizarre footage, as they said: “I hate how they did that … big ducking hole in his head and it’s not a down from a rifle that close… wtf is Raven thinking?”

While the nerf to the Kar98 is brutal, some players feel like the decision from Raven Software was always on the cards: “Yeah it’s a harsh nerf BUT they have been overpowered for ages. It’s a hard balance.”

The Kar98 has been a crucial element to many loadouts for both casual players and streamers for multiple seasons, but streamers such as TimTheTatMan have begun to shed light on the unseen potential of the AX-50 sniper rifle.