Warzone players demand devs finally fix major mantling problem

Alec Mullins
Warzone auto-mantling feature

Warzone’s movement is a huge part of the game so when it doesn’t work as intended players are quick to notice. In the case of this mantling problem, the CoD community has been asking for a fix for a long time as frustrations continue to rise. 

There have been a ton of different quality of life updates in Warzone in 2022. From fixing a long-time slide canceling bug to altering Gas Mask animations, the devs have taken aim at a number of problems that were previously plaguing the game.

While many agree that these changes have been great for the game, there are still a few big problems lingering and this auto-mantling bug is chief among them.

Warzone players are desperate for major mantling update

warzone character sliding mantle
Climbing around the map opens up a ton of new opportunities but it also has some drawbacks.

There are two different kinds of auto-mantling in Warzone. First, there is the airborne version, which allows players to grab onto edges without pressing a button and already has an in-game setting that players can flip on and off.

Then there is the unavoidable ‘auto-mantle from ground’ variety that tends to interrupt gunfights and just generally be a nuisance to agile players.

While this feature is intended to make movement easier, it often activates when players aren’t even looking in the same direction as the object that prompts them to climb.

After running into this exact situation in-game, one user took to Reddit to vent their frustrations, and the rest of the community has chimed in as well

One commenter noted how impactful this interruption can be, claiming that they’ve died to it over 50 times: “If it didn’t give me an advantage in a gunfight I wouldn’t ever do it, but it does so here I am, auto-mantling to my death.”

Warzone Season 3 Gulag
Instead of being helpful, auto-mantling is making sure that players get to check out the new gulag.

Another user pointed out that the player is usually given an a notice when this is going to happen, but they also agreed that it’s not enough to fix the problem all around: “The indicator was there which is why you climbed, but yes, I think that it is incredibly stupid that you can mantle while aiming the other direction and firing.”

There’s no sign of Raven turning its eyes towards this issue right now, but if the studio decides to in the future, then you’ll see it pop up on the Trello board where they keep the community updated on the latest fixes and updates.

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