Warzone players call for major changes in MW3 Season 2 and beyond

Connor Bennett
Ghost character in Call of Duty Warzone aiming gun off building site

Warzone players are calling on the devs to make some big changes in Season 2 and beyond, especially when it comes to things like audio, ground loot, and overall health of the battle royale. 

Despite flying high as one of the top battle royales around, Warzone has had its fair share of issues over the last few years. Hackers, pay-to-win items, and server lag have all contributed to some players ditching the Call of Duty battle royale for something else. 

There have, of course, been numerous updates over the years to try and address these complaints – especially whenever a new game is released. That’s been the same story with Modern Warfare 3, which has prompted a resurgence for the battle royale. However, it’s not all smooth sailing. 

Players have been furious with the game’s audio – well, lack thereof – as well as some confusing Time to Kill moments, and, of course, those laggy servers. 

Warzone players lay out big changes battle royale needs

Well, with Season 2 a bit over a month away, players have started urging the devs to consider some changes for then and beyond that – especially when they relate to cleaning up the overall health of the game.

“Upgrading the servers should be #1 priority in my opinion but I’m convinced they’ll never fix them,” said one annoyed player, who also called for changes to the ground loot, gas masks, and size of windows on the new Urkzistan map. 

“Too many self revives, redeploy packs, redeploy flairs, gulag tokens, etc. The line between resurgence/mp and br gets more blurred every year,” another said. “Hit reg is by far the worst in this one. That is probably the most important to fix,” commented another. 

Other players called for changes to the battle royale’s TTK, but that’s something that is constantly in flux with weapon balancing anyway. 

It remains to be seen if the calls for change will be heard anytime soon, and while some of them are big asks, they’re not completely unreasonable.