Warzone dev claims they want to finally “fix” slide canceling

warzone character using tactical sprintActivision

A senior Warzone developer has hinted at possible changes coming to slide canceling in the future, saying that he has been “looking for a good excuse to fix slide canceling for almost a year.”

Slide canceling was a lightly-used movement mechanic during the Black Ops 4 season, but with the launch of Modern Warfare and Warzone, it became an essential part of any player’s arsenal if they wanted to improve their game.

You’ll be hard pushed to find players wandering around Caldera or Rebirth Island and not slide canceling, keeping their tactical sprint up as much as possible throughout their travels across the maps.

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Despite this, there has been a lot of criticism over slide canceling and how it affects gameplay in Warzone — and clearly, it’s something the devs are well aware of.

Black Ops Cold War character holding Em2Activision
Could Warzone be facing another big change?

While top players such as Aydan and JoeWo have made thousands off of their abilities to pull off insane movement and get the better of their opponents in Warzone, that may not be an option for much longer if this dev gets their way.

Raven Software Senior Creative Director Ted Timmins posted about the topic on May 1, saying he wants to find a “fix” for it.

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Calling it an “exploitable accessibility ceiling,” Timmins said that he has “been looking for a good excuse to fix slide canceling for almost a year now.”

Warzone players will no doubt be split on this, with two very distinct groups on either side of the debate believing that they are firmly in the right on whether slide canceling is a fair game mechanic.

It’s unclear whether removing slide canceling is a realistic possibility for Warzone, or how easy the fix is, but this could be something that the devs are looking at changing ahead of Warzone 2.

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