Warzone Season 3 brings yet another Gas Mask animation fix

Gas Mask in WarzoneActivision

Warzone’s devs have taken another shot at getting the Gas Mask right with a brand new set of animation fixes for Season 3. 

The Gas Mask has been the subject of many an update throughout Warzone’s lifespan and Season 3 was just another tally on that tall list.

While Season 2 Reloaded brought in a few fixes for the self-preservation item we’ve got another batch of changes that should help it feel less intrusive in crucial moments.

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Warzone Season 3 takes another swing at improving Gas Masks

warzone player with gas maskActivision
Warzone’s signature masks have been something of a nuisance to get right.

Players can now soar through the storm without worrying whether their masks will cause them to miss pulling their parachutes.

This was an incredibly common problem and according to the patch notes, the devs were tired of seeing it happen.

“The Gas Mask remains a continued focus for our Quality of Life efforts,” devs explained.

“It plays an important role both in gameplay and the visceral Call of Duty feeling, but we felt that we had seen one too many videos of players jumping from high heights into the Gas and the game incorrectly prioritizing the Gas Mask animation over the parachute… and we all know how that scenario ends.”

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On top of this, the life-saving item will no longer deploy when a character is hit by Nebula V Rounds in the middle of a gunfight either.

Instead, the animation will hold off until a player is no longer looking down their sight so that interrupt someone tracking their target.

This definitely won’t be the last update for Gas Masks but it’s a welcome patch that will surely relieve frustration around the community.

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