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Warzone devs finally address annoying slide camera bug in Season 3

Published: 28/Apr/2022 13:17

by Jacob Hale


The long-standing and extremely frustrating slide camera lock bug is finally being addressed in Warzone, with developers Raven Software confirming plans to fix it in Season 3.

Warzone has been no stranger to bugs and glitches of all different types in the two years since it was released.

The most notable examples include the stim glitch and the ‘demon gun’ glitch, both of which have run rampant at several different time periods throughout Warzone’s history.

One slightly more minor bug, though, that has frustrated players for months on end, is the slide camera lock, making certain gunfights significantly more difficult.


Warzone skull skin
Huge gameplay changes are coming in Warzone Season 3.

Most Warzone players will have experienced it one time or another; you slide, and if you go down even the slightest of slopes, your camera locks in place, meaning you can’t aim at any surrounding enemies.

With how imperative sliding is in Warzone, slide canceling being an important part of the movement mechanics in the game, this has ruined many a gunfight and lost countless players’ games that they could have been frying in.

In the Season 3 patch notes, the devs finally addressed the issue, saying “We have heard from our community that the camera lock that can occasionally happen while sliding down a vertical descent can be frustrating and lead to a negative outcome in a combat encounter. We are pleased to announce that this will be addressed soon.”


Vanguard Season 3 operator mantling over rocks
Movement in Warzone is an insanely important feature — and this has been hampering it for months.

While there is no timeframe provided for a fix, this will be music to the ears of Warzone players who have found themselves losing one too many times as a result of this glitch.

Expect a fix to be implemented in Season 3 and, before long, you could be flying down staircases and getting squad wipes as you go.