DMZ players annoyed as Warzone 2 still hasn’t fixed AI enemies

Warzone 2 character aiming at long-range in sunglassesActivision

Warzone 2 players have voiced their concern with the lack of changes to AI, especially as the devs promised to change things back for DMZ in February and we’re now well into April. 

When DMZ – an Escape from Tarkov-esque mode – was announced as a part of Warzone 2, plenty of Call of Duty players were extremely hyped for what was in store. 

While the mode has proven to be a hit, there have been a number of issues facing players, mainly revolving around the AI that populates the mode alongside the PVP action. Many players have complained that the AI is simply too strong and that they ruin the experience. 

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Back in February, the devs stated that they would be addressing those complaints, with a focus on enemies killing players quickly over long-range. While some changes have been made, players are still waiting for bigger improvements. 

DMZ players growing tired of waiting for AI changes

It was something Redditor pudge1987 flagged on April 23, exclaiming their excitement about the issue finally being addressed. Though, it wasn’t long before other Warzone players quickly poured cold water on things.

“This was added to the Trello board on February 16. Still not properly addressed,” said one fan. “They say this every time and every time they touch AI it gets worse,” added another less-than-impressed player. 

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“That’s been sitting there for three seasons and they have yet to address it. With every season the AI gets buffed. You cant walk within 100 meters without getting a storm of shots at you from all directions,” another commented, claiming they AI also has “unlimited” range. 

Some players remain hopeful that Season 3 Reloaded will have something in store for DMZ’s AI and finally put the mode on the right track – including the addition of the previously leaked ‘reputation’ system to better deal with AI.  

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Though, we’ll just have to wait and see if that ends up being the case. The devs have been promising change for quite some time, after all.

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