Warzone 2 players flame devs for “long overdue” server issue fix

Ryan Lemay
warzone 2 operator using pistol with tactical knife

Activision announced a fix for the recent uptick in Warzone 2 server-related issues, but some community members couldn’t fully accept a late response.

Ever since the launch of Season 3, and possibly even earlier, Warzone 2 players reported problems with servers. Across console and PC, players raised concerns over bullet registration, delayed actions, and massive frame drops.

On April 20, Activision launched an investigation into the issue. Call of Duty legend OpTic Teep slammed the developers for acknowledging the problem just six days before the 2023 WSOW began. His worst fears became a reality, as server issues postponed Qualifers matches.

After a few weeks of mishaps piling up, Activision finally revealed its findings from the investigation.

Activision announce fix for uptick in Warzone 2 server issues

On May 9, Activision announced: “We are aware of a recent uptick in server-related issue reports. Investigations uncovered a network buffer memory issue that we have since addressed.”

The development team added: “Our teams are actively engaged in the mitigation of further issues. We are committed to continued progress and will update as we are able.”

Community members took issue with the developers calling it a recent issue.

Warzone 2 content creator HunterTV responded: “This is recent? This has been an issue for a long time.”

A second user claimed: “Recent uptick? These have been sh*t since the start of Season 2.”

Community members didn’t appreciate having to wait since April 20 for any kind of change, as a third player stated: “I get that it takes some time to fix it, but why did it take weeks in the first place to get this info to the devs.”

There is still no word on when the WSOW Stage 1 EU and NA Qualifers will take place. Activision delayed them for a second time on May 3, as server issues still plagued matches.

Hopefully, this latest fix makes servers stable enough for Warzone 2 Ranked Play, which launches at the start of Season 3 Reloaded.

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