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Warzone players call for major change that causes armor plates to break

Published: 4/Oct/2021 0:27

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone players are constantly debating which aspects of the game should be realistic or not. The flame was ignited once again as players want a change made so armor plates won’t break while in the gas.

People in the community constantly go back and forth over which parts of Warzone should be realistic and which shouldn’t be.

Keeping in mind that this is a video game, players are arguing that one specific part of the game should be changed.

When running in the gas, players will notice that their armor begins to corrode causing them to lose plates, but some members of the community want to see that changed.


Warzone armor plate
Armor Plates are a Warzone item that help players up their health but break while in the gas.

Warzone players want change with armor plate change while in gas

The community is constantly coming up with new ideas to help keep Warzone fresh and enjoyable. One thing that bothers players is the fact that armor plates start to break while in the gas.

A Reddit thread posted by ‘Ens_Shn_07’ brought an unusual proposition to the table. They have suggested that armor plates should not break while standing in the gas.

Unpopular opinion from CODWarzone

While some players immediately start to counter this argument by saying “It’s highly corrosive! So disagree soz.” They are arguing that it is corrosive gas and that is why it deteriorates the plates.

However, the majority of players think this change would be great for Warzone. One Redditor said, “Not an unpopular opinion at all. I fully agree.” While another added, “I’m new but I was really shocked when I found out it did. It doesn’t make any sense.”


Warzone Gas Armor plates
The majority of Warzone players in the Reddit thread agree that plates should not break in the gas.

This would change the way Warzone is played and can help players that get caught in a gunfight while rotating, as they can refill to full plates before running out of the gas.

The final point is added from a player that questions the realisticness of the game, they said, “Should corrode your guns then. And your equipment. And your ammo. And your reserve plates. And while we’re at it, you should die instantly.”

It is unlikely that a major mechanic to the game will get changed but players are hopeful that with another petitioning, Activision will do something about it.