Warzone players frustrated by “superman” jump glitch ruining games

Activision / Warner Bros.

Warzone players are constantly battling it out to become the last standing. However, an old glitch, the “superman jump” is frustrating and ruining people’s games.

While playing a game of Warzone, you need to be precise and have great positioning so you can take ideal fights.

A glitch that has been around for quite some time is the “superman jump” glitch. While this bug can let you jump long distances it can also cause your character model to fall and you have no control over it.

Instead of popping the parachute, you get a weird animation that makes you look like Superman as you fall down to the ground. This has been around for months and is now ruining games in Verdansk.

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When near the edge of a platform players can get a “superman jump” bug.

Warzone players annoyed by “superman jump” bug

The “superman jump” bug can be very frustrating or useful depending on the circumstance it is used in. However, things took a bad turn for one player and the community wants to see this fixed.

Warzone YouTuber Expel was playing a game of Iron Trials. He was down to a 1v1 to determine the game when the unfortunate glitch struck him.

As you can see from his video, he is on top of the building and getting ready to gun the last enemy to win the game. However, he got to close the to edge and jumped causing the bug to bring him to the ground.

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The game should have let him walk toward the end of the building and start shooting, but this glitch thought he was walking off and pulled his parachute making him fall to the ground.

This led him to give up his great positioning and eventually losing the one-on-one gunfight. There has been no word from Activision if they are aware of this, so players need to be extra cautious when near the edge.